Getting Started

How to get started flying at BRCF

Ask questions. Go to our field on any Saturday or Sunday morning (or weekdays if its nice) and see what people are flying. Ask questions. Make sure it's what you really want.

If you're all set to get going, then Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). It's easy, it gets you insurance and we require it as we are an AMA sanctioned field. You can even do it on-line at click on join/renew.

Before applying, please read the Field Rules.   Please also read our Club Bylaws (in Acrobat pdf format).

Then join the BRCF at our Membership page.

Get yourself a trainer aircraft, we recommend a size 40 (.4 cubic inch), high wing trainer.

Some examples from

  • Great Planes Avistar Elite ARF or RTF (EP or GP)
  • Tower Hobbies Tower Trainer 40 MkII ARF or RTF (GP)
and from
  • Value Hobby 65" Aviator 40 Trainer ARF (EP or GP)
Note: EP = electric powered, GP = glow engine powered.

You can also go to a hobby store in the area and get one. See our Links page for some local hobby stores.

You can join an RC Airplane forum to learn from flyers all over the world. See our Links page.

Or you can post a request for an aircraft (or helicopter) on our Members Only RC Forum "For Sale/Wanted" area.

Or you can join our Facebook group and post a request there, but you will first require a Facebook account.

Get help setting up your airplane and flying it. You'll need an instructor. Our list of instructors is shown below. Training is free of charge. (Note: instructors donate their personal time in the spirit of promoting the hobby to newcomers.) It is up to you to make that call. ☺ Students need to be proactive and pursue regular instruction.

The instructor will go over basics like checking all the controls, starting the engine, basic maneuvers and safety on the ground and in the air. See our Flight Training Manual (MS Word) (Acrobat pdf). Once he/she sees that you know how to fly and follow the field rules, you will receive approval to fly solo.

List of Flight Instructors